Friday, January 10, 2014

And Where the Bleep Have YOU Been?!?!?!

Well hello there! Good lord, it's closing in on a year since my last post. Perhaps you're wondering what happened to me, your friend and confidante the Casual Wine Taster. Well...I got caught up in some stuff...and came out the other side with this adorable baby!

Behold: cuteness.
So, as you can imagine, my foray into wine tasting had to be put on hold for a while. But I'm back (!!) with a delicious red to tell you about...

and there was much rejoicing...YAY!
Named after me, this fantabulous blend is known as Troublemaker (kidding...that's just a coincidence). Now, regular readers (if you're still out there) might recollect that I am generally a fan of red blends. Most are heavy on the Zin, and tend to embody everything that I think makes a red wine delish: they're juicy, layered, rich, and great with food. 

Troublemaker is no different. A blend of Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre,and Zinfandel, it has a slightly earthy scent, and tastes fruity and floral with perhaps the slightest hint of smoked vanilla (that's a thing, right?). Hope Family Wines (the wonderful folks who brought Troublemaker to life) craft each batch from a variety of vintages and varietals. Each version of the blend is a little different, so the flavors and aromas can vary, but in a "delightful surprise" kind of way. 

It's good to drink just as soon as you pop the cork, but I say give it just a few minutes to breathe. You won't be sorry. Troublemaker is great as a sipper, or to go with your Burger or Pizza Night.

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