Friday, January 31, 2014

Windmill Old Vine Zinfandel

It's been a while since I've had any Zinfandel. I forgot how much I like it. It's a varietal that lends itself to a nickname (Zin), because it's friendly and accessable. It's the "Bob" of wines. Everyone knows and likes a Bob. In fact, I have TWO uncles named Bob, and I like them both very well.

This vine looks like it will
eat your soul. Badass.
The Zin I had the pleaseure of making the acquaintence of this week was Windmill Old Vine Zinfandel. Before I get to the tasting, here's an interesting tidbit for you: "Old Vine" is a term used with grapes that are, quite simply, grown on an old vine. Grape vines can live and produce fruit upward of 120 YEARS. As they age, however, they produce smaller and smaller crops. So the thinking is, the smaller the yield, the better the wine. I don't know if that's true or not, but it's interesting to consider. Google My research concludes the oldest known grape-producing vine has been used to make wine since the 1600's. Ho. Ly. BALLS.

A bottle of yum!
But, I digress...
Last night, to celebrate getting the little one to bed in record time (asleep by 8:15!) and irritating the crap out of someone whom I loathe, I poured myself a small glass of Windmill Old Vine Zin. Ahh, what a way to end an evening.

Because I like to pretend I know what I'm doing, I started off my wine tasting experience with a deep inhale. The scent was rich and earthy, like moist, picnic dirt (just play along with me, ok?), and the wine itself looked heavy, a stick-to-you-glass sort of red.

The sip was a powerful experience, perhaps because I don't get to drink wine much anymore, or maybe just because it's a powerful wine. Heavy on the berry flavor, slightly sweet-- or maybe not precisely sweet, but JUICY-- and with a hint of velvety chocolate and fresh cut wood. Yup, I said it. Wood.
Because I can't talk about Windmills
without thinking of this...

Windmill Old Vine Zin is a nice sipper, and was a great way for me to wind down after a long day while enjoying some Thursday night TV. If you prefer to hang with your friend Windmill Zin at a meal, you could do a lot worse than pairing it with something cheesy, like alfredo, or even just a straight up cheese platter (cheese platter is TOTALLY a meal). Windmill would also be good with pulled pork or other assorted barbeque goodies.

Price: $

My Rating: A

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