Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Canta Perdices Tempranillo 2008

*What??? It's cute and it took a long time to put up!
Well the Holidays are For-Real over now. Come on, it's mid-January, people! Time to return everything that doesn't fit, get creative with leftovers, and take down the lights... * note to self.

Did you make any resolutions for 2013? I did. I resolved not to make any resolutions. And as such...I'm not up to branching out the CWT blog at the moment, and I'm gonna go right back to the Spanish Reds that I so adore-- don't worry, it can't last forever. But for today, it's Canta Perdices 2008 Tempranillo.

In Spanish, Canta Perdices means "the little bird (or more specifically, the partridge) sings." It's a cute little name for a wine, and the bottle is reflective of it, with its row of music-note birds right on the label.

And, as the label suggests, this wine does indeed sing. Bold in the glass, the Canta Perdices is a deep inky purple. You'll notice some interesting smells, wood smoke, licorice, and dark fruits-- perhaps cherry, as the bottle suggests.The flavor is powerful, with a noticable bite of tannic acid that lingers long after the sip.

Singing birds with my wings!

This wine is definitely not what I would consider a "sipper"-- one to curl up on the couch with while you watch Masterpiece Theater. Nopers, this one's best with food. Bar food even. Meat and cheese platters are a good go to for the Canta Perdices, so you might want to serve it with appetizers. And a good tip from our friend and PWC employee Ben is that the acid in the wine is tempered nicely by BBQ wings. Yum! I think I know what I am doing for dinner.

Price: $

My Rating: B+

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