Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Looking for Wine or Liquor Themed things to do in October?

Earlier today I had the first migraine I've had in a long time. It was the sort of headache where I could no longer read, let alone look at the computer screen. So I'm about 11 hours late posting this review. And what's more...I'm not reviewing a wine this week.
But before you start booing and throwing tomatoes, I do have some fun stuff to share with you...if you're looking to expand your knowledge of wine and spirits and love freebies (I love freebies, who doesn't love freebies?), there are a few upcoming and recurring events you should check out at Personal Wine Cellar:

Event Number One-

Wine 101 with Greg Giorgio was
a blast!
Wine 101! Or, as I like to call it: Be Your Own Casual Wine Taster!
The second Thursday of every month at PWC you can take Wine 101, a wine tasting class with wine expert Greg Giorgio, who is a sommelier and cool guy to boot. For $10 (or $8 in advance) you get to sample three wines in your very own Personal Wine Cellar glass. It's a lot of fun!
The next one is Thursday October 16th at 6:30 pm and the focus will be on a fall favorite: hearty reds from Spain (yum!).

Event Number Two-
Cooking With Spirit!
Chef Brad is cooking up a storm!
I like this photo because you can
actually see the smoke heading
 toward the sprinkler system...
The second Sunday of every month PWC offers Cooking with Spirit, a FREE cooking demonstration that either utilizes wine or spirits in the recipe, or pairs a meal with a particular wine. After the demo you get to taste the recipe for yourself. The next installment of Cooking with Spirit will be on Sunday October 14th at 2:00pm with executive chef Brad Schmidt from the Gourmet Cafe in Glens Falls. I don't know what he'll be cooking, but I do know that it will be delish!
Here's the finished product from September's
Cooking With Spirit...
feel free to drool.

If you actually want to read
the ad, just click it.
Event Number Three-
Personal Wine Cellar's One Year Anniversary Extravaganza!
Yeah, that's right, it's an extravaganza. You know how I know? Because it's gonna be like Wine 101 and Cooking with Spirit all rolled into one, all day long, with extra prizes and stuff. So it'll be like Cooking-with-Wine-101-Spirit-Tasting-Discount-Fest. God I'm good at naming things.
All this is happening on Saturday October 20th.

So there you go, I've given you three great wine-and-spirit themed events that are going on in the next few weeks at PWC. Bring a date, bring your mom, bring a friend, bring yourself. I'll see you there!

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