Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Root:1 Cellars Pinot Noir 2009

It's September and despite it being the end of summer and over a month since my birthday, we are rapidly approaching my favorite time of year: autumn! Apple picking, cider donuts, leaf peeping, bonfires, cool nights, back to school, my wedding anniversary and of course, red wine season! Hooray! All the more reason(s) to have a drink, am I right?

So, you'd think that since we went away over the weekend (to celebrate the aforementioned anniversary) I would have tried a new wine on my travels so I could share it with you today. But, no. I waited to share my favorite back-to-school, fall-is-coming wine pick with you. Sort of. Okay, so in reality we were in Vermont, and it was kinda cold out, so...I had spiked cocoa instead of wine. And for the record, it was GOOOOOOD.

Anyway, a good pick for early fall (in my humble opinion) is a Pinot Noir; it won't turn your cheeks red (I know I'm not the only one out there with this affliction), though if you drink a lot of it, it might stain your teeth a little. It's generally purplish in color and translucent, with a light smooth flavor that makes it an ideal companion for pretty much any meal. This week I tried a Chilean Pinot I've not had before, Root:1 Cellars Pinot Noir.
very cool label.
Unless you've spent the last several years living under a rock, you're probably aware that there are a lot of excellent wines coming out of Chile. In particular there are some really great, smooth reds that have some interesting qualities when compared to their European counterparts. The Root:1 Pinot is not spicy or peppery like some Pinots, but it has a smooth cherry flavor with a hint of vanilla that stays true throughout the sip; a steady and reliable go-to wine. It's light enough and smooth enough that it works with some meals you wouldn't normally think of for a red; like chicken or fish. I had it with garlic-parmesan chicken pangrattato (made from scratch) with saffron rice and carrots.

Why yes, that IS Lionel Richie
in the background.
A Bride and Her Flask:
in case you had any doubts
about my classiness...
Oh, relax, "pangrattato" is just a fancy word for "bread crumbs." Yeah, so I baked some chicken with 4C Italian style breadcrumbs*, grated Parmesan cheese and minced garlic. In my toaster oven. Because I am CLASSY. You know what, it was delicious too. The Root:1 Pinot complimented my meal perfectly. I would not, however, recommend it with an accompanying bowl of chocolate ice cream. Raisin Bran, on the other hand...

Price: $

Rating: B+

*I've yet to determine what the difference between 4C breadcrumbs and 4C iced tea mix is. Anyone?

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