Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tutidi Moscato

Well folks, I have some good news and some bad news today on the blog-front...

The good news is: I have emerged victorious from my Robitussin-induced, sleep-deprived delirium and fully intended on making sure today's offering is a.) in English, b.) free of technical difficulties and c.) coherent.

The bad new is: I didn't have time to taste a wine this weekend. I know you're thinking "that's preposterous, how can you not find time to DRINK WINE, since it is in part what you are paid to do at Personal Wine Cellar?"
I know, I know; you're right. And as a special gift to you, I'm going to let you use your imagination to answer that question and call it a day.

Lucky for me, the wines we'll be tasting at PWC this Friday are some old favorites; three delicious Italian sparklers, great for chilling while you're chillin' and/or grillin' (see what I did there?).
"Tutidi," as the bottle will tell you, is Piedmontese for "everyday." Not fussy or frilly, all three wines are great tasting and reasonably priced. The Cortese is a light, drier white and the Bracetto is a bubbly red with pleasing dark fruit and berry flavors.
Yup, only one photo today.
Since I tend to favor sweeter whites (and remember what it tastes like), I'll tell you a little more about the Moscato-- the Ultimate Summer White*:

The Tutidi Moscato is a great party wine. By that, I mean it's great just chilled and in a glass, but it's also versatile enough that you could do other things with it; add some schnapps or a cordial to make a delish carbonated cocktail. There's already a decent amount of light fruit flavors in the Moscato, so you can add some fresh fruit to make a fantastic (I wanted to say slammin', but had some last-minute reservations committing to yet another silly apostrophe) white sangria-- I'd go with peaches and or pears.

If you're the type of person who's ever said "I'm celebrating something and want to participate in/give a toast, but I don't like champagne" (or something to that effect), give one of the Tutidi sparkling wines a try for your next toast-worthy event. And if you need a reason to celebrate and don't have any impending festivities, I do have a birthday coming up...

Price: $

My Rating: A

* Tied with Riondo Prosecco. And up for debate, if the mood strikes. But it is really good, I promise!

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