Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Flipflop Left Coast Malbec 2010

Oh good, I was beginning to wonder when I was going to get to review a Malbec! In our house, Malbecs rule. If Ernie and I were Joanie, Malbec would be Chachi. On Iron Chef, Malbec’s cuisine would reign supreme. If we starred in the movie Sideways, Malbec would be our Pinot Noir... 

On second thought: we probably wouldn’t star in Sideways because Thomas Hayden Church's character is a jerk, Paul Giamatti's is a whiner, and we'd argue about who had to be the jerk and who had to be the whiner. Many a marriage has hit the rocks due to debates of this magnitude.

Anyway, in case you can’t tell, I’m really excited to be blogging about one of my favorite red varietals. My thoughts on Malbec in general: I love how bold it is. It's the kind of wine that takes a bouquet of fruit, backhands you with it and yells: "snap out of it!" Maybe your mouth smarts a bit after, but you're a better person for it.

This is a scrumcap, by the way...
yeah, it wasn't what I pictured either.
Yet another screwcap offering that Microsoft Word has hilariously suggested I change to “scrumcap,” the Flipflop Malbec may sound and appear a little like a “bargain bin" brand, but it’s really quite good.

The Flipflop Malbec looks, smells and tastes rich and earthy. The internet appears divided on whether Chilean or Argentinian Malbecs have more tannins, but I think Chilean Malbecs like the Flipflop tend to have less fruit and more earthy flavors compared to their Argentinian counterparts-- at least based on my dry mouth. However, don't think for a minute that there isn't depth to this wine; like many other Malbecs, the Flipflop is also plummy in color, scent AND flavor. The plum-ness is omnipresent, deep and juicy. It smells like a plum dust cloud, tastes like a plum-fisted handshake and finishes like smooth, warm, plum pudding. Also present: figs and dirt. Can't forget the dirt.

If you're skeptical about that last bit I assure you, in a wine, dirt is a nice flavor. It's not like sticking your tongue in a dried up mud puddle-- it's inhaling where a wine is from as the traces evaporate on your tongue; it's a neat way to connect with the wine's regional qualities.

Lip-smacking good, the Flipflop Malbec is a great tasting medium-dry red that's easy on the pocket. The bottle suggests you pair it with pork empanadas, and while that sounds delicious I didn't think of that while drinking it, nor do I know how to MAKE empanadas. A nice pork chop would do the trick. Maybe next time...

Price: $

My Rating: A

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