Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Arca Nova Loureiro 2010

It was hotter than heck in my house when I got home from antiquing this afternoon, and I couldn’t wait to dive in to my chilled-to-perfection bottle of Arca Nova Loureiro. I've never tried a Portuguese wine before, and I was intrigued by the “Vinho Verde” on the label. I supposed maybe that it referred to the color; it’s a very light yellow with a hint of green to it—but through careful research (google), I discovered that Vinho Verde wines originated in the Minho province of Portugal, and basically it means “new” wine. This one’s a 2010, and a good example of the style.

Besides the unique color, the first thing you’ll notice is the fantastic smell. It’s very clean (I want to scrub my bathtub with it), light and orchardy (sure, that’s a word). When I closed my eyes I pictured myself walking on crushed apples and blossoms, the aromas wafting up from underfoot.

I can totally taste
Caesar's headgear in there...
At first sip the Loureiro is tingly on the tongue; it’s not precisely fizzy or carbonated, but it makes your tongue feel alive. It’s crisp, light and surprisingly not as dry as I imagined it would be. 

I’m having a really hard time picking out specific flavors to describe it though. The bottle says there are “aromas of laurel, linden and acacia.” That makes sense, ‘cause I have no idea what any of those things taste like and I had to look up what linden and acacia are. My interpretation: the Loureiro has a light herbal and/or floral flavor, like if you made a wine from a cup of herbal tea.

The Loureiro starts out strong and finishes slow. It’s bright and it lingers, taking a while for the aroma to leave your mouth after you sip, so go ahead and savor it. I had it with cold pizza and it’s not a combination I’d recommend. I wound up putting it down and drinking more once I’d finished eating. It's flavorful enough to enjoy on its own, but it would also be a great addition to a chicken dish, shellfish, or cream-based pasta dish. Enjoy!

My antique finds: Guides from 1911 and 1953 for talking
to your children about "the birds and the bees".
I think Freud would have a field day
with the design on the right...

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